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What is a BitCoin?

A Bitcoin is comparable to a digital currency. Not a nickel or silver, but a unique series of numbers and figures. The remarkable thing is that the Bitcoin can not be faked and it is impossible to destroy it (although if you could lose, we will do so in this section). This is in contrast to the normal money as the dollar. Bitcoins are in a large network of computers (cryptographic) to perform arithmetic operations constantly to ensure that all Bitcoins are immutable and is safely stored on the network. Each Bitcoin network has a password that only the owner knows. With the password the owner can use Bitcoins to pay, transfer or exchange. This payment Bitcoin seems fairly by sending an email with a password. With the password the recipient can get Bitcoins. As dollars can be divided into smaller units, with Bitcoins it is equal. Compare it with a dollar which is divided into cents. Bitcoins can be divided into up to 8 decimal places.

How bitcoins work?

Bitcoins are mainly generated using software that solves complex math problems in a process that is called "mine" or "mining". Each Bitcoin has a public address and also a private key that give a specific identity. This means that the Bitcoin has two objectives: to be a sign of its value and also the method for transferring value

Forex and the Bitcoin

The foreign exchange market, or better known as Forex, is the largest and most liquid financial market in the world, and has an average daily about 1.5 trillion dollars a day. The Forex is basically buy and sell different currencies. With the popularization of the use of Bitcoin, there are different markets where this is accepted as a currency and therefore may appear on forex transactions.

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The bitcoin in the current economic.

Although the use of Bitcoin was banned in many countries as a source of payment, that has not stopped thousands of small businesses and businesses that accept bitcoins for services of all kinds, including Internet hosting, gift cards, electronic shopping, telephony, legal and lawyers, and many other tourist advice. In addition, its international scope and the fact that users can trade a degree of anonymity, has made it possible to open its doors to other sectors such as online gambling and are poker games.


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